Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gorilla vs. Bear

About five years ago we made the switch at POP from ipods to satellite radio. Eight or nine hours a day, seven days a week is a lot of music to go through and while it can get a little repetitious, for the most part XM/Sirius has served us well. It keeps the store vibe intact and keeps us up on the latest and often local new artists and upcoming shows. Our mainstay station, XMU, basically a modern CMJ satellite equivalent, features several shows we can't listen/live without. Our favorite weekly show, bar none, Gorilla vs. Bear, a Texas based program that, in case you lack a satellite connection, derives from an even more stellar blog, gorillavsbear.net. The blog features emerging and established artists "with no specific generic particular focus". At POP we'd venture to say the focus is Music You Will Love. (Sometimes we swear it's as if we had a direct request line via brainwaves!) Among the best features of the site are the recommendations that you can often play or link to directly.

Without further ado, here's your link to the top albums of 2009 and best songs of 2009.

A little sample... Fever Ray "When I Grow Up" Number 10 on the hit list...

When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

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