Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fashion Hole

Courtney Love, the train wreck in red lipstick, has started a fashion blog called What Courtney Wore Today. Her life, as interesting a biopic as it is as disastrous and cringe worthy, has managed to create a site less cringe inducing than it is plain old boring. The site is also a bit of a misnomer, it doesn't post her daily outfits. Rather, it seems to be a glaring attempt to revamp, re-write and archive her image. The blog posts a mix of videos, personal  and professional photographs with commentary from Taylor Mason, her 23 year-old manager and two unnamed others who offer up such gems as "Flat Stomach!" and "She DOES get younger every day!"


Love certainly has her own warped grandiose sense of self, often seemingly detached from her reality of drugs, death, and disowning. So it's not surprising that she has created an indulgent and poorly written  bore.  Maybe it will get better in that train wreck kind of way we expect of her.  After all she has morphed like a caterpillar into a butterfly and back again...and again...from the ’90s look of trashed rocker wife in baby-doll dresses to her glamorous phase in 1996, to her 2004 look where she fell back into drugs, even photographed letting a stranger suckle her breast at a Wendy’s drive-through, (Oh the breast and nipples! Ample pictures of those, pun intended). The pictures seem to me to map her bizarre transformations from Madonna to Meg Ryan (those lips!) to Mary Kate Olson. But still wish I could recommend it at least for the titillation; Sadly this doesn't do her image any justice. Why pretend to be something other than what has kept her in the public eye for 20 years? Maybe it's just one more metamorphosis?

When asked what she thought Kurt would think of the blog she said:
"He’d probably like it,” Love says, before admitting she doesn’t even know if today the two would still be married. “There’s a quote from him . . . ‘I don’t mind that Courtney goes out and spends money on clothes. I think it’s great’ . . . It was like, ‘Kurt, I go to Urban Outfitters’ . . . I didn’t know what couture was in 1992.” New York Post

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