Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Inspiration

Vogue February 1957 - Photo by Karen Rutledge
I just discovered an amazing treasure trove of images on a site called which is a nonprofit fashion archive where "Jackie" catalogs images from old fashion magazine and catalogs she's bought, scanned and photo-shopped. There are also links to a couple of blogs and tumblr sites she runs.  It's amazing on a lot of levels, as inspiration, history, and just how derivative fashion truly is.  If you're a designer, a stylist or just an aspiring fashionista, it is pure eye candy. Here's a sampling of a few images I think are relevant for this season, which as mentioned in an entry below, hails the return of the Lady with a capital L!  
Vogue February 1957 - Photo by Karen Rutledge
Enka Rayon 1949
 Harper’s Bazaar Nov 1960 - Coat by Fantasia
McCalls Winter 1962

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