Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year!

I am oh so ready to say good bye to the aughts.  Yes, it's been a decade of big changes for sure; Publicly (terrorism, war, GWB come and gone, Obama, recession, creative resurgence,) and personally, (good by legal eagles, hello fashion darlings, D.C. to NYC, Oscar, recession, surviving the recession). Thanks but I'll keep the memories and start planning for the 10s. The roaring 10s? The rebound 10s? The fantasticly happy, prosperous, and peaceful 10s. I like it.  So, celebrate. Big or small. Intimately or with complete strangers. All you can drink or champagne toast. 
Black tie or gorilla suit (yes, there's really a Williamsburg bar hosting a party with that theme), it's a  great excuse of a night for playing dress up. Would that I owned Carrie Bradshaw's dress below....though it may be a little too much dress for a house party....  Either way, I'll be wearing sparkle for sure.   Here's to 2010!  Cheers!