Monday, December 21, 2009

Paris en Decembre

Thanks to a wonderful friend who recently moved to Paris, and a group of displaced bff's converging in Paris, I found myself there in mid December spending a lovely week sightseeing, eating, drinking and window shopping (damn that euro!). Paris is a beautiful city any time of year but there's no doubt the City of Lights shines even brighter in December, with bulbs strung up on nearly every tree and across most intersections. But these aren't your trite lights of Christmas yore; they are glamorous and spectacular, befitting this fashion mecca. Lights in silver, white and blue, shaped like chandeliers and disco balls; trees dripping with lights that have the illusion of falling gems. And the trees! Not an ounce of throw tinsel in sight, these bedecked trees are sprayed in faux red snow, the perfect foil to the neutral grey of winter. Not that Paris was all that grey...Made the trip to store Colette because I had heard so much hype, but I have to say,
I was more impressed with this marketing team (picture above) a few shops down! Not sure exactly what they were selling, but no doubt it's a lifestyle (maybe inspired by John Irving, see bear)! Colette, on the other hand, didn't seem to inspire. Don't get me wrong, this multi-level store was packed with many covetable and mostly out of reach goods, (though many were recognizable and largely U.S. labels/designers). But the vibe, over crowded with nearly as many inconspicuous salespersons as shoppers, posing and no-no-ing photogs, left my friends and I clamoring for the exit, not for the token Colette macaroons, the only thing under 10euro!

Spectators at the Mona Lisa.


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