Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heart You!

I'm not advocating changing the decor in your house around for one little holiday, but I have to say that the little cupid day sure inspires some lovely designs and gift ideas. Like it or not, I'm posting about it all week. Well not exclusively! But what can I say? I'm not a "fan" of the holiday but I love flowers, hearts and the color pink. Especially pink.  It makes me happy. How can it not? The color conjures cotton candy, bubble gum, blushing, little baby girls. Isn't there a reason the saying "looking at the world through rose colored glasses" means seeing everything perfect, even if foolishly? So, hate the holiday if you must, but give it up just a little bit for the beauty it inspires. Here are some sweet examples form the English design company Rockett St. George. I love the button collage which would be easy to replicate (obviously doesn't have to be a heart). Maybe you've finally found a place for all your "The dog did it" buttons. 

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