Monday, February 1, 2010

Lunch Date

I live around the corner from my shop. I have two microwaves and two small refrigerators at the shop. I have no excuse; And yet I eat out nearly every day.  Maybe if I had a super cool lunchbox to sport I might be more inclined to bring my lunch.  I owned my last lunchbox in nursery school (we used to go home for lunch in elementary school because it was right around the corner, so the boxes got stored away and likely sold at a yard sale along with my Mad magazines many years ago....). As I remember it, the lunchbox had Mork and Mindy on it. Loved it.  Maybe it's a wave of nostalgia, maybe it's the fact that it's 2010 (really? really?!) Well, I wouldn't go as far as collecting the boxes  in shelves in my kitchen or swinging it as I skipped down the street. Maybe just slip in into my my messenger bag.  I am beyond positive that reviving the memory of drinking from a Holly Hobbie thermos is something that will make me smile. Most lunch boxes on Ebay and Etsy are $9.99 or less and a little worse or the wear. But just think how many memories they hold. Not to mention PB&Js. 

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anjeli said...

I saw these on dwr the other day and thought this would be a great way to bring food on the go...but phew, the price. i should have gotten these for under 5 dollars while we were in india!