Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And Now On The 1

While sifting through old emails for an address I found an email to friends with this NY1 piece on POP's Zagat review, from October 2008. An oldie but a goodie, in my totally unbiased opinion.  Check it out! Cameos by Oscar, me, and my sis, Anita.  Shop looks a little different now, blue accent wall, more merchandising, less clutter, but you get the gist! Come visit! Online shop coming soon. Very very soon. Stay tuned!


kate said...

love it! and how cute was that polar bear scarf in the video!!!

Sheila Sharma said...

Thanks Kate! I don't think Anita will be too happy with the picture though:)

Anita said...

Oh my, it was 2008? Could have sworn from my pic it was 2007!