Friday, January 8, 2010

Dresses, and shoes, and bags, oh my!

I spent the last two days attending trade shows here in New York, women's clothing and accessories.  The really big shows are next month in Vegas, on a whole other level, but these shows are for in between, for "immediates", rather than Fall/Winter. The irony on this snowy New York day, is that "immediates" are Summer styles! Most will delivered in the next month to two months, so maybe a little time for a thaw. I picked up some really great women's dresses, mens messenger and laptop bags, jewelry, shoes and some great little oddities. And lest you fear you're no where near Brooklyn, the online shop will be up and running by then. I'm even working on international shipping.  Stay tuned!  Pics of the show and some samples below.


Kate said...

love your picks from the tradeshow! wish I could have joined you there!!!

chrysi said...

Loving the items you are picking out from the trade shows! roll on the warm weather to wear them!