Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hold the Marshmallows

In the winter, I have chronically cold hands and feet. Read into that what you will. Partially for this reason, I have always loved a good roaring fire. In theory. I had a apartment in D.C. that had  a fireplace, but in 4 years I think I used it twice.  It's a serious time commitment for one, the firewood, storing it, starting it, keeping it going, cleaning. Not so with my electric fireplace. Friends laughed when I said I was in the market. Cheesy, silly, fake, I heard.  Still, I would not be dissuaded.  I found mine at Target for less than $350. Four years later, it is truly one of my best investments. Not to mention, it's non-polluting and eco friendly! After turning on the lights, it's the first thing I turn on when I get home in the winter months. It gives off warmth like an electric heater and a faux fire glow that makes my home feel "homey."  Maybe this classic look isn't for you (though I've made it blend with my other wise modern furnishings).  Here are few other options.

 Wall mounted electric fireplace from Target.

If the electric fireplace is too, well, electric, for you, another option is an ethanol burning fireplace. You get, oooh fire, but no need for a chimney or a stockpile of wood. They tend to also be a bit pricier....


The Vauni Cupola is a wall mounted ethanol fireplace.

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