Monday, January 4, 2010

Lara's Theme

I watched Dr. Zhivago the other night, again. I love that this epic film, while far from perfect, is transporting and cinematographically beautiful from sweeping scenic images of frozen tundra to the ballroom scene where Lara shoots Komarovsky. As alluring as Omar Sharif's sad brown eyes are, it is truly Julie Christie's beauty and carriage as Lara that draws me in.  She's striking even in the midst of war. And her wardrobe, her hat! I bought a white rabbit fur hat in Shimla, India years ago that I wasn't brave enough until now to wear...and of course, I can no longer find it. So admittedly riding the trend, I bought this hat online at Target.

 Yes, Target. $14.99.  It's been pointed out to me that it looks a little like Oscar. They do say people start to look like their dogs. I only take comfort in the fact that he is one good looking pup! :)

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