Tuesday, January 19, 2010

High Art, low prices

What to do when when you've long since moved beyond concert posters and collages of your friends and magazine clippings but still lack the cash (or desire) to become a collector of "art."  No worries. There are so many options for great looking walls that will still leave you with money in your wallet. Affordable Prints! Not the Urban Outifitters/Ikea prints that are by the thousands, were talking limited additions you don't have to see in your friends living room or on every design site (yes wer're talking to you "Stay Calm And Carry On.")  While originals are often investments, you can still get great looking prints that don't have to double as your 401k.  The obvious number one resource is Etsy but there are also tons and tons of amazing sites/artists on the web (links below prints).  I just discovered this fantastic site, 20x200.  The site, an extension of Jen Bekman's Lower Eastside Gallery, sells many beautiful/unique prints by emerging artists, for only $20.  Here are a few of my favs today from around the web...

Lisa Congdon--Available when we launch later this week!

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