Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gig it!

Feeling nostalgic for those dorm room days? Didn't think so. These concert posters are so much more than your old school unfolded band pics from Tigerbeat. These silk-screened beauties are pure art. Awesome presents too. (You're welcome Anita!). Here are a few of my top pics from GigPosters. The site, which doesn't directly sell the posters, is a gem. It's a place for artists to display their designs/wares.  Posters are searchable by bands, designers, and top lists too. And no need to despair, if you're itching to replace your "Stay Calm and Carry On" poster with something a little more original, a little more you, the site has the designer info, including websites and email addresses for purchasing. All the posters listed here range from $12-40.

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